Gio Ryder and Mike Cummings

Tags: Anal, Bareback, Oral

Mike Cummings shares a hot story about his Army days and gangbanging women in the barracks. Just thinking about those times gets Mike nice and hard. With no women around, Gio Ryder is more than happy to step up and show Mike what its like to get blown by someone who truly understands cock. Mike is not disappointed in Gio's skills as his eye roll back in his head while Gio gobbles every last inch.
Hot and ready, Mike gets Gio's ass good and ready with some spit and a finger bang. Mike rides him rough and hard driving his "Army stick" deep in Gio's ass until they are both sweaty and breathless. Wanting more, Gio lays Mike down on his back and rides him in reverse cowboy to Mike a nice view of Gio's perfect ass. Gio rides him so well, Mike can't hold it any longer. Gio surprises him by hopping off of his cock and leans in for a hot man-spunk facial. Being the cum-slut that he is, Gio laps up every last drop. Spent, Mike watches on as Gio milks finishes his own cock and licks his fingers clean.